Cleaning materials and disinfectants

Anafa's cleaning materials are suitable for all industries, including the food, meat, fish, salad and other industries.

Anafa Chemicals specializes in professional disinfection for food factories including slaughterhouses, poultry slaughterhouses, banquet halls, food establishments, catering companies.

The expertise and experience will accompany the customer in everything related to training employees, accompanying cleaning and production workers in the customer's field and working time, managing a customer safety portfolio, using an independent external company to accompany the customer and making sure the materials achieve their purpose regardless of supplier, make sure factory or institution workers , And provide laboratory and health reports to the customer and his managers only at no additional charge.

Anafa specializes in professional disinfection for:

  • Poultry slaughterhouses
  • Food factories
  • Slaughterhouse
  • Food institutions
  • Catering companies
  • Ballrooms

Produce a fit for different needs
in the world of industry
and technology.

Produce a fit for different needs in the world of industry and technology.

We have accumulated rich experience in creating creative solutions, in producing materials specific to customers and in locating materials and chemicals that are suitable for industry in Israel.

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We provide consulting that ends in solutions, streamlines the process and produces savings in the production process.