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Food Engineers Service Sanitation training Sewage engineers Technological consulting Disinfection of halls and kitchens Sewage handle and professional accompaniment

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High-Tech is also in the world of chemistry.

Bringing the high-tech
to the chemistry world

Anafa Chemicals has created a new world of chemistry which adapts itself to the new world and existing business needs.

Anafa Chemicals specializes in the production of chemicals in the world of industry and technology.
Our rich experience in the institutional market is about 28 years.
This experience allows us to understand your needs as a company customer.
The service includes food engineers' services, sanitation training, sewage engineers, technological consulting,
disinfection of halls and kitchens, sewage treatment and professional accompaniment.


Solutions for the entire industry

Anafa provides solutions for the entire industry, from the food industry, organizations, factories, to the complex and unique water world. Chemicals are manufactured according to the type of industry and the need.

28 years of experience

28 years of experience in the chemicals industry has brought us to a level of expertise in this unique world called chemicals. The rich experience shows that every need has a unique solution that we can produce!

Service and support

Anafa's customers receive close support from the first moment. Demonstrations, tutorials, advice and especially patience for getting desired results. We understand your business, your need and hence we are with you hand in hand at every stage you will need us.

Produce a fit for different needs
in the world of industry
and technology.

Produce a fit for different needs in the world of industry and technology.

We have accumulated rich experience in creating creative solutions, in producing materials specific to customers and in locating materials and chemicals that are suitable for industry in Israel.

Let's talk

We provide consulting that ends in solutions, streamlines the process and produces savings in the production process.

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Our Services

What we offer

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Reliability is a major part of our service!

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