Smart materials for hatcheries and chicken coops

Anafa Chemicals has gained extensive experience in the field of disinfection and eradication of poultry diseases. The treatment is suitable both from the breeding stage to the supply of poultry to the slaughterhouses.

We managed a project for a long time in reputable hatcheries in Israel and even identified the problems and brought new technology to the field.

The new technology is based on a registered patent for the eradication of diseases in chicken coops and hatcheries. Anafa represents companies with unique technology chemicals, the purpose of the technology is to save a lot of money (proven from the field!) By using materials and technology that is easy to operate.

The great value is to stop using certain materials and make the workers of the chicken coops and hatcheries work in a more pleasant and safer environment. Anafa Chemicals also markets the entire basket of plastic cleaners as well as general cleaners for clean and safe operation.

The technologies are marketed as part of the deal and give the customer industrial peace, great savings in money and perfect safety!

Suitable for:

  • Hatcheries / coops

Produce a fit for different needs
in the world of industry
and technology.

Produce a fit for different needs in the world of industry and technology.

We have accumulated rich experience in creating creative solutions, in producing materials specific to customers and in locating materials and chemicals that are suitable for industry in Israel.

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