Foam shock absorbers for industry

The company's products are of extremely high quality and have a variety of versatility, as they can be adapted to almost any production process in which the foam problem arises.

The whipping can occur as a result of the reaction of starches with water or from reactive proteins with whipping properties, and of course in fermentation processes. The foam formed interferes with the homogeneity and flow of the aqueous material in the process, producing a layer of impermeability on the water surface and thus preventing the ingress of oxygen.

 When foam is formed by pumping from containers, the foam which is actually air bubbles is sucked in and impairs the efficiency of the pump.

Anafa's foam shock absorbers are suitable for a number of sectors in the industrial sector, such as:

Companies that produce and process potatoes and vegetables, sugar, sweeteners, syrups (fructose and glucose), food and beverage additives, dry food for animals, beverages and fermentation, cosmetics, paints and adhesives, cement, construction, paper, plastics recycling industries, treatment industries In sewage, sewage and water.

Unique foam shock absorbers:

  • Water-based foam shock absorbers
  • Foam absorbers for food
  • Foam shock absorbers for slaughterhouses
  • Foam absorbers for wastewater treatment
  • Silicone-based foam shock absorbers
  • Sewage in pharmaceutical plants

Produce a fit for different needs
in the world of industry
and technology.

Produce a fit for different needs in the world of industry and technology.

We have accumulated rich experience in creating creative solutions, in producing materials specific to customers and in locating materials and chemicals that are suitable for industry in Israel.

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